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Futures Studio is an independent non-profit organization that conducts analytics and hosts discussions. We engage various members of our society in open debates and private discussions about business, politics, economics, culture, education & healthcare to shape regional agendas. We use our extensive network to attract best knowledge from around the globe, and actively disseminate the results of our work. Connecting intelligent people from different walks of life leads to progress.

Upcoming Events

THIS IS ARTSAKH: Where, Who, and Why?

Amidst the world economic crisis and COVID pandemic, a remote war re-ignited in yet another "middle of nowhere".  What caused this conflagration, what are the dangers? What does it take to talk seriously about Karabagh and many other 'local conflicts' in this global world? Why should the world care? On October 22 at 19:00 Yerevan time (GMT + 4) join us to listen to Georgi Derluguian, Professor, New York University Abu Dhabi. Together with Prof. Derluguian, we will try to make a better sense of such questions.


Discussion platform hosts discussions with various experts on current relevant topics, in different formats, including the future of Armenia and Armenian world.
Analytics team provides our platform with the most interesting and informative written analytics. We are especially interested in conducting research on development issues facing Armenia.


Your contribution to the Futures Studio project will help fundamentally improve opportunities for the Armenian nation to thrive. You can make a contribution to Futures Studio which is an independent not-for-profit organisation by transferring funds directly to the foundation bank account in Armenia established with the purpose of supporting Discussion Platform and our Analytics.