About Us

Mission and Goals

Futures Studio is an independent non-profit organization that conducts research (Analytics) and hosts discussions (Discussion Platform). We engage various members of our society in open debates and private discussions about business, politics, economics, culture, education & healthcare to shape regional agendas. We use our extensive network to attract best knowledge from around the globe, and actively disseminate the results of our work. Connecting intelligent people from different walks of life leads to progress.

Discussion platform hosts discussions with various experts on current relevant topics, in different formats, including the future of Armenia and Armenian world.

Analytics team provides our platform with the most interesting and informative written analytics. We are especially interested in conducting research on development issues facing Armenia. Although our research can be provocative, we avoid being divisive or destructive in our criticism.

What we believe:

  • We believe in equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome.
  • We believe that only those societies, which allow human beings maximize their potential can be truly prosperous and successful. Through our work we are trying to contribute to building such societies.
  • We believe in freedom of thought & expression, based on mutual respect.
  • We believe that a vibrant media and an educated civil society enable informed public debate. This combination is an indispensable part of a prosperous society.
  • We believe that entrepreneurship, which upholds high standards of governance, is an essential part of a prosperous society.