UWC Dilijan and The New School (Moscow): Approaches to Art Education

  • Discussion date and time

    June 3
    14:00 MST
    15:00 AMT


  • Yaroslav Zabavsky

    Teacher of visual arts at UWC Dilijan

  • Daria Khamaza

    UWC Dilijan first-year student

  • Artem Karankevich

    UWC Dilijan alumnus (2016-2018), student of Ringling College of Art & Design, motion design course

  • Mikhail Gorshkov

    Head of Arts and Technology Department, the New School

  • Alexandra Nikolaeva

    Teacher, Arts and Technology Department, the New School

How does the system of highschool art education at UWC Dilijan differ from that in the New School in Moscow? What approaches to teaching visual arts, design, architecture are used in Russia and how are they different from the ones in the IB schools? In the webinar “UWC Dilijan and the New School: Approaches to Art Education”, representatives of the two schools will talk about the main components of the art course, assessment criteria, resources and admission to art universities. This webinar is about the similarities and differences between the two concepts and about the meaning of the dialogue in creative education.

In the programme:

  • UWC Dilijan Approach:

– Visual Arts Course at UWCD

– Life after UWCD

  • New School Approach:

– Virtual tour

– Concept

  • Q&A session

The participation is free. You can join the webinar by Zoom link (please register below) or by live streaming on Facebook.