Slavery Studies curriculum at UWC Dilijan: ways to support the new course

  • Discussion date and time

    June 10
    19:00 Armenia time
    16:00 London time
    11:00 New York time
    8:00 Los Angeles time


  • Liam Goodacre

    Head of Humanities Department & teacher of philosophy at UWC Dilijan

  • Harvey Miller

    University & Career Counsellor at UWC Dilijan

On Wednesday, June 10th, 19:00 Armenia time UWC Dilijan will host a webinar on the Slavery Studies curriculum.

Slavery Studies is a new multi-disciplinary course at UWC Dilijan which looks at slavery from the angles of history, philosophy, literature, economics, arts and social science. The aim is to understand how slavery relates to power, race, trade and culture, both in today’s world and throughout history. There is a community drive this summer to develop the curriculum so that it can be offered as an online course for students across UWC next year.

Liam Goodacre, Head of Humanities Department at UWC Dilijan and the author of the course, will introduce the principles and aims behind the Slavery Studies curriculum, and present a current outline of the course. Liam will also describe in detail the ways in which volunteers can help with research and development this summer.

Moderator: Harvey Miller, University and Career Counsellor at UWC Dilijan.

In the programme:

  • Introduction to the Slavery Studies curriculum
  • Overview of the course, including sample lessons
  • Overview of summer plan and explanation of how volunteers can help
  • Goals for future development
  • Q&A session

Language: English

Participation is free. You can join the webinar by Zoom link (please register below). The session will be recorded for those who are interested but cannot attend.