What’s changed in Armenia since the Velvet Revolution

On February 24, the authors of the discussion paper “At the Crossroads” held the meeting with representatives from different sectors at our discussion club Futures Studio on Baghramyan 6 in Yerevan. They discussed the main changes that occurred in Armenia after the Velvet Revolution.

Since the authors of the discussion paper “At the Crossroads” Ruben Vardanyan and Nuné Alekyan continue to work on the future book and prepare it for publication, they wanted to hear the opinion of those who live in Armenia about what changes took place in Armenia after the revolution in 2018, how people evaluate them and what forecasts and prospects we can see.

The authors heard many interesting ideas from the representatives of different sectors: economics, government, IT, stock market, education, business, urbanists, philanthropy and international organizations. According to the participants and the authors, the discussion was very important, and it will be continued.